#TallShip Tuesdays

Aboard awaits Providence history, exploits, nautical knowledge, and more presented by Captain Jones and the crew of Providence. New content every Tuesday!


The Tricorn Hat

This #TallShipTuesday, our fashion historian taught us all about the tricorn hat. Tricorn hats are some of the most iconic hats that sailors wore during the age of sail. Originally referred to as cocked hats, these hats first appeared in the 17th century but became...

The Ship’s Boy

In this week’s #TallShipTuesday, Providence’s very own ship’s boy took the time to introduce you all to this very important role. The ship’s boy has quite a few duties on a ship. This can be anything from running meals to the captain to taking care...

Ship Names of the Continental Navy

In this weeks #TallShipTuesday we learned all about the naming conventions of Naval Vessels since the 18th century. Rules, regulations, and customs changed significantly since the founding of our nation. Ship names of the Continental Navy were especially interesting. These ships were named based on...