#TallShip Tuesdays

Aboard awaits Providence history, exploits, nautical knowledge, and more presented by Captain Jones and the crew of Providence. New content every Tuesday!


Cooking Rations for a sailor in the Continental Navy

This #TallShipTuesday in an attempt to learn a little bit more about life at sea, the crew of Providence decided it was time to make some rations. Valor Fore and Aft by Hope Rider listed the rations per person on Providence as follows: The crew...

Spring2ACTion with Tall Ship Providence

This week, Kathy Seifert joined Caroline to talk all about the Spring2ACTion campaign. Alexandria is full of many organizations that strive to bring beautiful and unique experiences to Alexandria and beyond. ACT for Alexandria hosts the Spring2ACTion Campaign each year for a day of philanthropic...

Virginia’s Important Players of the American Revolution

The American Revolution is one of the most important parts of our history. We literally wouldn’t exist without it. Here in Virginia, many of the most important players of the revolution emerged. This #TallShipTuesday, we are helping our Virginia Students study for their Standards of...