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Aboard awaits Providence history, exploits, nautical knowledge, and more presented by Captain Jones and the crew of Providence. New content every Tuesday!


2023 in Photos

Last year was a big one for Tall Ship Providence. We saw weddings, retirements, graduations, birthdays, and so many more life events. We could not be more thrilled to get to spend these special moments with you, shipmates. To end our Throwback January, we wanted...

Sea Shanties of the 2023 Sailing Season

Thank you all for joining us here at Tall Ship Providence this past sailing season. If you haven’t had the chance to yet, we look forward to welcoming you this year. We have spent the month of January looking back at last year. One thing...

Tall Ship Providence Crew of 1776

This year we added to our cast of characters here on our tours and our #TallShipTuesday videos. We introduced our crew some time ago in one of our first blog posts of 2023, but Providence added a few more people since then and some roles...