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Sea Shanty September: Get on the Ship and Call it a Day

To kick off Sea Shanty September, one of our ship’s creative crewmembers, Maddie, wanted to try her hand at writing her own sea shanty in the style of a halyard shanty. There are several types of songs sailors sing on a ship be it a...

Grog: The Unofficial Sailor’s Drink

Out on the ocean, water is a precious commodity. Despite being surrounded by water, it isn’t drinkable, and honestly, the freshwater kept on most ships wasn’t much better. The water could be unclean, stale, and lead to illness if consumed. Unless, alcohol was added. We...

How to set the Tops’l

Providence historically was a unique ship because of her small size and versatile sails. Each of her sails could be set or doused in different combinations to suit the winds. This allowed Providence to sail very quickly to catch up with or run away from...