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Aboard awaits Providence history, exploits, nautical knowledge, and more presented by Captain Jones and the crew of Providence. New content every Tuesday!


Intertidal Zones

The Potomac River is tidal. This means that as the day progresses, the river flows in different directions and the water levels rise and fall. It also means that at different times of the year, there are more extreme tides. This week for #TallShipTuesday, Providence’s...

John Paul Jones and Serapis

One of John Paul Jones’ most famous quotes, “I have not yet begun to fight” was spoken at the battle between Bonhomme Richard vs. Serapis . This battle at Flamborough Head along the Yorkshire coast was several hours long that left Jones’ ship in shambles...

The First Four Ships in the Continental Navy

This #TallShipTuesday, we are celebrating Independence Day. Tall Ship Providence was the first ship authorized to join the Continental Navy during the American War for Independence. Providence was the fifth ship to officially join though. So who beat providence to the punch? These are the...