#TallShip Tuesdays

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Early African Seafaring

African sailing tradition dates back longer than many realize. This #TallShipTuesday, we investigate some of the earliest sailors to journey to the seas in celebration of Black History Month. There have been many interesting discoveries from early human history, especially on the continent of Africa...

A Romantic Sea Shanty: Haul Awa’

This shanty, “Haul Awa'” or “Love is Kind,” is a beautiful song about a lasting love. In the song, a sailor sings of his love of a woman he wished he could have stayed with forever. While in the song the sailor remains on land...

The Maritime Underground Railroad

Its Black History Month, and this time of year, we here at Providence try to shine a light on black maritime history. This #TallShipTuesday we introduced the topic of the Maritime Underground Railroad. This aspect of the Underground Railroad is often overlooked in schools, yet...