#TallShip Tuesdays

Aboard awaits Providence history, exploits, nautical knowledge, and more presented by Captain Jones and the crew of Providence. New content every Tuesday!


Setting the Stays’l

In this #TallShipTuesay, Providence’s Boatswain taught us about our Stays’l and how to set it. The Stays’l is a Headsail (Heads’l). Providence has four of these sails. The Stays’l, Inner Jib, Outer Jib, and Flying Jib. Its name comes from the forestay that it is...

Mishoon: Indigenous Seafaring Canoe

This #TallShipTuesday, we learned about how some native communities had seafaring traditions. We also explored their history with the U.S. and Continental Navy. First Nations were, of course, no strangers to the sea. The Mishoon was the most common boat in North American waters in...

How the Navigator uses the Sextant

This #TallShipTuesday our Ship’s Boy, Tommy Carter taught us about the role of the Master, or Navigator. One piece of equipment that navigators would traditionally use was the sextant. This device is still used today in celestial navigation. It allows a person to read the...