A Romantic Sea Shanty: Haul Awa’

A Romantic Sea Shanty: Haul Awa’

This shanty, “Haul Awa'” or “Love is Kind,” is a beautiful song about a lasting love. In the song, a sailor sings of his love of a woman he wished he could have stayed with forever. While in the song the sailor remains on land with his love, those that sung it would have been far from shore. It is a song of longing for what could be. For what might have been. But was sacrificed for a life at sea.

The earliest records of this song come from the the 1920s, and likely have a Scots Gaelic origin, interpreting the haul awa’ (pronounced HEE-awa) as the Gaelic phrase: ‘Oíche mhaith’ meaning ‘goodnight’. Many renditions of the shanty sing this song slowly, but for our rendition we took a new spin on the tune in this week’s #TallShipTuesday.

Haul Awa’

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