Daily Tours

Each 30-minute tour of Providence is like traveling into the past.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted at our Visitor Center by one of our Historical Interpreters dressed in period attire. As your group gathers, he or she will keep you entertained with stories, songs, tricks, or toys. When your tour begins, you’ll learn about the ship and what to expect onboard, then walk three minutes to the ship itself. When you board Providence, you will step back into the 1770s. Captain John Paul Jones will greet you in the captain’s cabin where he will share an exciting story from his time on Providence. Visitors will also go below decks where they will hear what daily life was like for the men and boys who served during the Revolutionary War.

Our ship looks just like the original Providence did when it served in the Continental Navy.

Seeing the ship and hearing about life below decks gives our visitors a vivid picture of what it was like aboard Providence when the tiny Continental fleet was up against the most powerful navy in the world.

It’s a story not widely told, but visiting Providence brings it to life in front of your eyes.

Daily Tours will begin as soon as we can open the ship to the public in late November or early December. Please subscribe to our newsletter below to receive updates on when tickets will be available.

We want everyone to enjoy as much time on the ship as possible and that means starting each tour on time!

For everyone’s comfort, kindly arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled tour.

We will try to accommodate any latecomers on the next available tour, but please be aware that the tour following yours may be sold out.

For visitors with limited mobility or families traveling with small children, please see the information posted under Weather, Cancellations, and Accessibility.

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