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A Seaman on Providence

Who really makes a ship run? Sure the captain is important, but the hardest workers on a ship in the age of sail were often the lowest ranking. These were the Landsmen, Ordinary Seamen, and Able Seamen. Seaman was a general term used interchangeably with...

A ship not forgotten- USS Independence

Independence, despite being a part of some important historic events, she is often left out of the story of the American Revolution. Like Providence, Independence was a sloop and much smaller than many of the other ships that sailed in the Continental Navy like Ranger...

The Tricorn Hat

This #TallShipTuesday, our fashion historian taught us all about the tricorn hat. Tricorn hats are some of the most iconic hats that sailors wore during the age of sail. Originally referred to as cocked hats, these hats first appeared in the 17th century but became...