#TallShip Tuesdays

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The Flying Frenchman

This #TallShipTuesday, Providence’s own Midshipman Alex Morgan recounted a spooky interaction with a ghost ship. This story was based on the real events that happened in 1777. Lieutenant Trevett wrote an account of the experience. To hear another rendition of this story, feel free to...

The Mysterious Sargassum of the Mysterious Sargasso

In our #TallShipTuesday about the Sargasso Sea, we touched on the oases of Sargassum found in the open ocean. Sargassum is a fascinating seaweed. It is holopelagic, it spends its full life floating out at sea. The Sea itself is named for this seaweed, coming...

How the Master Gunner Fires a Four Pound Carriage Gun

This week, Ship’s Boy, Tommy Carter introduced the role of Master Gunner on #TallShipTuesday. The Master Gunner is a warrant officer that held the responsibilities of maintaining and firing the guns onboard a ship. Providence held a fluctuating amount of guns in her time. She...