The Crew of Providence

The Crew of Providence

In this week’s video, we met the newest members of Providence’s crew at the Senator John Warner Maritime Heritage Center. While it is hard to pinpoint who exactly sailed with the crew of Providence in the Continental Navy, we do know that it was a multicultural crew. British sailors would join the Revolutionary cause after their ships were taken as prizes. Some reports put as much as 10 percent of the navy as African American. Americans during the revolution had heritage all over the world, and came together to fight against Britain.

John Paul Jones

A Scott and the captain of Providence. This is Jones’ very first naval command in the Continental Navy. Despite being only 29, he has already captained other vessels while still in Scotland; however, after a mutiny on Betsy, Jones Fled to Virginia and offered his services to the war effort. For the past 6 months, he led the crew of Providence to multiple victories at sea.

Midshipman Alexander Morgan

A privateer through and through, Morgan is a sailor who serves their role capably, and who has risen through the ranks quickly. As a midshipman, they have some more connections than most which aided them to this junior officer role. They look forward to being promoted to Lieutenant soon which will add a hefty bump to the prizes they take home.

Ships Boy Tommy Carter

Tommy is a spunky youngster. He performs his many duties well as he’s served on ships since he was 9. He is 12 now, and still has a wonder for life at sea. Tommy loves caring for the animals onboard like the chickens and goats. He also is on track to potentially be an officer one day… provided he learns the ropes.

Come and join the crew yourself by taking a tour with these or some of our other crew members.

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