Come aboard Providence for an outdoor tour of the ship guided by her crew. You will learn about the role of Providence in the American Revolution and what life was like for sailors serving in the Continental Navy.

Step back in time to the 1770’s and learn about life on board Providence as it was when Captain John Paul Jones was at the helm.

Providence is a fully functional reproduction of the first ship authorized by the Continental Congress for the Continental Navy during the American Revolution. Take a tour of Providence and be transported back in time and learn what daily life was like for the men and boys who sailed during the 18th century. During the tour you will stand on the quarterdeck, and imagine yourself as a Navy Captain giving orders to your crew, go below decks and experience the small space sailors called home while at sea. Visit the Captain’s Cabin, explore the main deck, and learn about Providence’s film debut in Pirates of the Caribbean.

We are committed to keeping you safe during your visit to Providence. Our staff and guides will wear masks; guests five years and older are required to wear a mask while boarding, disembarking, in the Captain’s Cabin, and in the hold.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

For visitors with limited mobility or families traveling with small children, please see the information posted under Weather, Cancellations, and Accessibility.

Seeing the ship and hearing about life below decks gives our visitors a vivid picture of what it was like aboard Providence when the tiny Continental fleet was up against the most powerful navy in the world.

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