General FAQs


  • What time should I arrive for my cruise?

Check-in starts 30 minutes prior to a scheduled cruise and will depart promptly as scheduled. Passengers who have not checked-in 10 minutes prior to cruise departure will forfeit their reservations. No refunds or rescheduling will be issued for passengers who miss departure.

  • What if it rains?

Typically, we sail rain or shine. It is up to the Captain to decide whether to sail, postpone, or cancel. Please come dressed and prepared for an outdoor adventure.

  • Are there lifejackets aboard?

Yes, the US Coast Guard requires that there be enough lifejackets aboard for every person.  These are stored and only handed out in the case of an emergency.

  • Can I bring small children or babies aboard the ship?

Yes! Children and babies are welcome aboard the ship. For safety, we ask that you keep your children next to you at all times during the tour.  The gangway and ladders may present a challenge to families visiting with small children. While our ladders are no more challenging than most playground equipment, the size of the gaps between the rungs may be difficult for children under 5.

For our smallest visitors, we suggest wearing your baby in a sling or harness for ease of maneuvering around the ship.

Remember, each person counts as one of your guests and must be ticketed, even babies. The Coast Guard takes the same position as Dr. Seuss on this one: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

  • Are strollers allowed in the Visitor Center?

You are welcome to leave your stroller inside the Visitor Center, however it must be picked up immediately following the tour. If possible, we recommend using a baby carrier such as a Baby Bjorn or sling for ease of moving around the ship. There is space to park a stroller outside of our Visitor Center.

  • Is the ship ADA compliant?

Unfortunately, ships in the eighteenth century were not accessible to wheelchairs and Providence is not either. While we would love to accommodate guests with limited mobility, our gangway is narrow and access from deck to deck aboard ship is via steep ladders. If visitors are able to walk short distances, we will happily show them as much of the ship as possible.

  • Where are the closest public restrooms?

The closest public restrooms are located near the Blackwall Hitch Restaurant in the heart of the Old Town Marina, however they are closed until further notice due to the pandemic.  There are indoor public restrooms at the Torpedo Factory, and port-a-johns located at the foot of King Street near Waterfront Park.

  • What should I wear for my visit aboard Providence?

During your tour of Providence you will be climbing up and down ladders between decks.  For this reason, we suggest that ladies might be most comfortable in pants or shorts.  Providence is a working ship, so we recommend flat shoes with non-slip soles and closed toes.

  • Is there air conditioning/heating aboard the ship?

There is air conditioning and heat in the hold (below deck) and the Captain’s Cabin only.  In the summer, our main deck is partially shaded from sun exposure during tours and other docked events.  During winter months, the ship will be tented to protect from inclement weather.

  • May I take pictures or video during the tour?

You are welcome to take as many pictures as you like during the tour, and we hope you will tag us on social media! Video is not permitted during the tour.