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Sold in $25 increments from $25 to $200 and can be used for ticket purchases online or in person.


Tours of the ship are 30 minutes long and begin on the hour and half-hour. All guests must check in at the Visitor Center approximately 10 minutes before their tour begins.

Daily Tours will begin soon. Tickets are currently available for tours starting March 9th; tickets for earlier dates will become available as soon as we know our exact date of opening.


All cruises are approximately 2 hours long from boarding to deboarding. All guests must check in at the Visitor Center 30 – 45 minutes before boarding begins. Please see below for details on the different cruises offered.

Our cruises will begin in April 2020. Tickets are released for sale 30 days prior to the cruise date.

Craft Beer Cruises

Craft Beer Cruises are offered on most Friday evenings and occasionally on other days as well. Enjoy cruising on the Potomac while learning about selected craft brews from Port City Brewing or other local craft brewery. A flight of three beers will be offered to our guests while a brewing expert explains how they’re brewed and what makes them unique. Additional beverage choices available for purchase, salty snacks free to all.

Adult Pirate Cruises

Adult Pirate Cruises are scheduled on occasional Saturday evenings. Get in the spirit of things by wearing pirate garb, singing chanteys, and sampling rum! After setting sail, an expert from a distillery will share the history and differences among a variety of Caribbean rums. Bartenders will be available once you choose your favorite! Learn about the pirates of the Chesapeake and enjoy some swashbuckling music. All pirates must be over 21, and all weapons must be non-firing and peace-tied.

Evening Cruises

Looking for a more serene option? Relax and enjoy an Evening Cruise. Feel rejuvenated as you take in the scenery with a glass in hand and a friend by your side. Mellow music will play while wind and waves carry you away from everyday life. A selection of beverages will be available for purchase along with light snacks. Usually offered on the second Friday evening of the month.

Family Pirate Cruises

Have children? Join us for the Family Pirate Cruise on Saturday mornings! Our crew will entertain your little buccaneers with songs, games, and a little cutlass training that will come in handy if there’s a mutiny and the children have to save Captain Sam! Kids will walk away with a big smile and a small pile of treasure.

Wine Tasting Cruise

Taste a selection of wines as you relax and sail around the Potomac. Learn about new varietals and choose your new favorite. This cruise is a wonderful opportunity meet up and enjoy something new with old friends or new acquaintances. Offered monthly in season.

Maritime Heritage Cruise

Love tall ships? Love history? This is the cruise for you! A variety of guest speakers will join us throughout the warmer months to share their expertise about naval and maritime history. One of the most enjoyable learning experiences you can imagine! A selection of beverages and light snacks will be available for purchase.

Special Themed Cruises

We will be offering special cruises on holidays and other days when there’s something to celebrate. Stay tuned for additional information!

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