Private Event FAQs

What options do we have for food and drink?

We are happy to coordinate with you to provide catering and drinks for your event.

Can we have music aboard the ship?

Great question. Live musicians are fine, but each person counts as one of your guests. There is one standard outlet available on the main deck that can be used for a microphone. We do have a Bluetooth speaker aboard the ship if you’d like to play your favorite tunes, as long as the volume does not interfere with any communication the captain needs to make.

Do you have air conditioning/heating aboard the ship?

There is air conditioning and heat in the the hold (below deck) and the Captain’s Cabin only. In the summer, our main deck is partially shaded from sun exposure during tours and other docked events. During winter months, the ship will be tented to protect from inclement weather.

Can we bring small children and babies aboard?

You may, but each person counts as one of your guests and must be ticketed, even babies. The Coast Guard takes the same position as Dr. Seuss on this one: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

Is smoking okay?

Smoking (or vaping) of any kind is not allowed in any of our facilities. See below for a complete list of prohibitions.

Is there a bathroom aboard the ship?

There’s a marine head to be used in the event of an emergency. This does not function like the toilet in your house and requires a bit of instruction to use. We strongly encourage our visitors to use the public restroom located near our Ticket Office & Gift Shop on Transit Pier before coming aboard. You will be happier and so will we.

Are there any extra charges I should be aware of?

Your rental fee includes the sailing crew aboard the ship and the efforts of our event planner on your behalf. Food, beverages, service and taxes are additional.  There may be an additional cleaning fee, to be levied at our discretion, if the ship needs more significant cleaning than is typical (if someone misuses the head, for example).

Additional Prohibitions

  • Underage drinking
  • Smoking or vaping of any kind
  • Drug use
  • Behavior that could interfere with the safe operation of the ship, cause harm to any passenger or property, or jeopardize safety in any way
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind, including toys and props
  • Diving, swimming, or fishing from our deck or dock
  • Detours to unauthorized destinations except in cases of emergency
  • Disrespectful treatment of our captain or crew

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