Who We Are

The Tall Ship Providence Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Alexandria, Virginia. For specific contact information, please see Contact Us.

Formed in 2017 to purchase and restore the tall ship Providence, the organization began with two founders and a group of interested business people who eventually formed the Board of Directors. Chairman Scott Shaw shepherded the project from beginning to end. The restoration work on the ship, from the initial plan through the final touches, was accomplished under the expert guidance of Master Shipwright Leon Poindexter.

In July 2018, Clair Sassin was hired as Executive Director. Today the team includes Will Downing, Operations and Events Manager; Sam Dinsmore, Captain and Marine Operations Manager; and Jeremy Lawrence, lead character interpreter and coordinator of Tall Ship Tuesday. Our team of trained Historical Interpreters welcomes the public and introduces them to the history of the ship, our Character Interpreters bring it to life, and our crew of professional and volunteer sailors help Captain Dinsmore sail the ship up and down the Potomac, keeping the safety and enjoyment of Providence‘s guests in mind at all times.

The Captain and Her Crew

Captain Samantha “Sam” Dinsmore is our Marine Operations Manager, responsible for all aspects of our ship’s operation. Her crew is composed of both professional sailors and trained volunteers.

Our team of Historical Interpreters are specially trained to make sure that you have a wonderful visit. Most of them have backgrounds in professional theater work and all of them are history buffs. The team operates under the supervision of Diana West, Director of Programs and Communications.

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